Recovering Control file if it gets corrupted or deleted

If any of control file is missing or get corrupted oracle database won’t startup. There are two ways to recover from this error.
  1. Execute query select name from v$controlfile This will show all control files with the paths. shutdown database (shutdown immediate) and copy the available control file to the path from where it is lost or corrupted with the same name as above query is showing. After replacing control file, start your database.
  2. If RMAN is configured and at least once backup of control file is taken from RMAN. If yes then connect to RMAN as following # rman connect target / Now once connected with RMAN issue any of below mentioned command. RMAN>restore controlfile from ‘PATH and NAME of available Controlfile’;RMAN>restore controlfile from autobackup; That’s it. Just restart your database and monitor alert log file.


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